Monthly Archive: November 2015

How to Have A Secure Environment at Home


Having a safe and secure environment at home is very important. Home is where your family is in and where your loved once are. We all work hard and do everything for our family. Therefore, it is important to ensure a safe and secure environment at home for our loved once. A few ways to ensure a secure environment for our family members are as follows.

Develop policies to have a secure environment at home

You have to monitor what your children browse and access to what they do online. This can be seen by leaving your computer at a central location, where you can see where your children browse and what sites they access. Also, use parental control settings to see what sites your children access and restrict their access to inappropriate sites. Aware your children on cyber bullying, and keeping there private information away from online and no to associate with strangers and unknown people online. Inculcating these policies at home, you can make aware your children on what has to be done, and how to be secure on internet.

Also, been open to information on what’s happening around your neighborhood and house is also important. Develop a comfortable environment at home, so that you know what is happening in each and every family member’s life.

Develop processes to have a secure environment at home

Developing appropriate processes are also important to have a secure environment at home. To secure cyber security at home, develop strong passwords for all accounts of all members. These can be passwords with 8 digits with upper and lower case and numbers. Also, back up your information to know and decide how frequently you want to back up your information, if you don’t know how to back up the information, ask for help, also, if you are getting rid of your data storage, such as hard drives, etc, clear your data or destroy the hard drive, so that know one else have access to it.

Also, let the family members know how the environment at home work, so that they can have a secure surrounding. Where to leave the key, where to lock your data, that way everyone knows what’s happening at home, and the home can be secured.

Install technologies to have a secure environment at home

New technologies such as CCTV security systems in Sydney can be installed at home to secure home and it’s surrounding. Also, to install technologies to make your environment cyber secure, install appropriate technologies. Use parental control software, automatic updates and security software, to ensure a secure environment for your family members.