Monthly Archive: December 2015

Top Warehouse Safety Hazards

When it comes to warehouses, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the safety of all his/her workers. This is because this working environment makes employees more susceptible to accidents and injuries. The best way to avoid such situations is to inform the workers about these threats and advice them to be more careful. Listed below are some helpful tips that you can offer them.


This happens most often when employees work above ground level. The employees need to be aware of their surroundings and keep their focus at the work at all times. Being distracted is one the main causes for such accidents. The best way to avoid this scenario is to install guard railings in all the floors. These are only necessary when there is large gap between floors. Although this might be expensive, it is necessary to ensure that workers’ safety at the workspace.

Heavy Equipment

During the mailing house in Australia processes, lots of heavy machineries such as forklifts are used. Although these are helpful, they can turn out to be hazardous when handled incorrectly. Accidents caused through this machinery can result in heavy property damage and can cause severe physical injury. Workers who are used to working with such machinery must not underestimate the potential danger it can cause. Therefore, you must ensure that the individuals who handle and drive these equipments are trained and licensed. 

Slips and Trips

This is yet another safety hazard that commonly occurs during warehousing and distribution for quality solutions at an affordable rate. These accidents are never intentional and often happen because of an unclean platform, damaged floor or even inappropriate attire. Thus, you need to make sure that the workspace’s floors are well cleaned and maintained. The platforms must be free of liquids, boxes and unnecessary steps. Also, workers must avoid wearing loose clothes. You can also implement anti-slip floor tape in the working platform as well.


 These are accidents that result in a large amount of property damage and personal injury. Remember that once the fire builds up, it can be really difficult to stop. So, you have to take measures that will stop the accidents from happening at all. Make sure that the environment does not include any flammable fluids or exposed wires. You can avoid the situation by building permits, creating exit strategies and following fire extinguisher laws.

Informing your employees about these potential dangers that can occur in their workstation will not only ensure their safety, but will also result in less property damage and prevent you from an unnecessary financial crisis.