Monthly Archive: February 2017

How Can Bedbugs Affect Us?

Have you seen people suffering from hallucination effects? Some people who suffer through different psychological conditions go through these situations where they see images, visuals of things that other people can see. They continue to describe them and even with the continuation of seeing them, they will try to communicate with these different hallucinations and the worse stage is when they can draw a difference between these real life and imaginary world. You might think the point I’m trying to relate in this situation is totally non-relatable at first but once I explain through, you will draw the connection between the two instances.

Have you gone through an experience of dealing with a Bedbug issue? If you haven’t, I assume that you may have at least heard of it. Then you must be knowing although those bites are not fatal, they could be quite annoying to have and suffer with. Mostly doctors say that these infections caused are usually affecting a person’s mentality and the right mind to have a good sleep than the actual infection the go through. The problem with them is that, people will have to keep struggling to sleep with fear of getting a bite even though they are one hundred percent sure that the room or bed is completely free of such insects.

Most institutes and authorities that work in household pest at BioCycle (Hong Kong) Limited and other pest management processes, claim that the best method to be free from these is to ensure that your home is frequently checked by firms that spray anti-insect chemicals and solutions to the interior and exterior of the house. Regular checking and maintaining could help a lot more than you think. If you blindly wait for a long time to figure out that there’s spreading in your room, you might be already infected.

The most dangerous part of these insects is that unlike mosquitoes, their bites do not hurt and at the time they actually suck out our blood, we will not feel a thing. They will first inject our body with an anaesthetic like substance and then start sucking in our blood. During this process, they create histamines and vasoactive proteins that help them to convert the blood into food form for their body. These will affect some people reduce their immunity, some will break out into rashes, some with redness and slight scratching while some will even fall into serious infectious conditions as well.

All in all, although these insects are not fatal to ones’ life, they could definitely affect you and your health in a negative way so it’s always better to check and keep them off your reach.