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Animals Are Great Friends

Having animals in our households is fun. Especially dogs and cats; they make great friends. Spending time with them brings enormous joy to each family member regardless of their age. They help you forget your worries.

People love travelling from one place to the other; especially when it is neighbouring countries they tend to do it very often. A good such example is Hong Kong and Singapore where people travel often between these two destinations. Taking their animal companion along with them is no longer a challenge as, there is a professional team in Hong Kong who would liaise with their agents in Singapore to make the pet relocation to Singapore a seamless process.

Having animals around benefits human:

Having animal friends in household benefits the owners in various manners. They bring elation to each member of the family, cats would love to be cuddled and they create vibration which help healing various ailments. A dog is a faithful animal, which guards the house and at times he helps human in various tasks. Therefore having these animals around has emotional and physical benefits.

Your animal friends are in safe hands:

If you are going on a long vacation and looking for a boarding for the animals, a safe accommodation options with all the facilities are available in Hong Kong. There are about 33 outdoor kennels available for dogs and about 30 condos for cats. This place is handled by trained staff who love animals; thus their best care is guaranteed. They provide daily vet services, if required. Dogs can freely run in and out of their own kennel and they don’t encounter another dog on their way. Upon request group play time can be arranged for them. They are fed on a timely manner and gym facilities too are available for them.

The cats are being offered a three level accommodation where they have their comfortable bed space, second level with a peep hole and the ground level where they have the litter area.

Animals who are boarded in their facility for a longer term are being groomed time to time. However, for some who have longer fur needs additional grooming for which an extra charge would be levied.

Travel arrangements for your little ones:

This Hong Kong based Service Providers also provide all transportation arrangements within the city or outside the city or even overseas travel. They are well knowledgeable regarding every rule related to efficient pet transport as they are engaged in similar activities for decades. For example, animals from certain countries (which belong to Group III countries) will have to undergo a quarantine period of few months in an animal management centre in Hong Kong. Dogs must have a microchip installed at the arrival in Hong Kong, otherwise the animal management centre will implant such microchip.

All in all, you are assured with top class pet related services in this centre at Hong Kong and in the other countries where their agents are placed. So be it a boarding for your friend or travel arrangements within or outside Hong Kong – you can be worry free and entrust the job to the professionals.