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FAQs about Buying Used and New Restaurant Equipment

Starting your own restaurant is a big and an expensive step. You have hundreds of things to think about like Rent, hiring wait and kitchen staff etc. Buying your restaurant equipments is the most important decision you will have to make. The quality of equipment and appliances that you choose for your restaurant is very important. It is because you wouldn’t want the daily operations to get interrupted, due to malfunctioning of equipment.

Now the main question still remains is whether to buy new commercial quality kitchen appliances at Melbourne or to get used ones. In this article, we will provide you with some frequently asked questions about buying unused and second hand restaurant equipments. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:

1. What are the benefits of buying new restaurant equipments?Original manufacturer’s warranty – When you buy new commercial kitchen appliances for your kitchen you have the original manufacturer’s warranty, which means if something happens to your equipment or there is a need of repair you can get it done for free or for lesser price during the warranty period.There is no question of any wear and tear in brand new kitchen equipment.Maintenance and service record – When you buy a new piece of equipment, you can arrange regular servicing and operation procedures to maintain and extend its life. This way, you make up your equipments durability and long life. 

2. What are the benefits of buying second hand restaurant equipments?Lower cost upfront – While opening a restaurant if you are in a tight budget, buying used kitchen equipments is your best option. You would have to invest less upfront value for buying used equipments for your restaurant.Value – When you buy used equipment if it is properly maintained or is reconditioned with quality parts, there are great chances that it will work smoothly for the next many years.

3. Planning to buy equipment which will be used extensively in the kitchen, should I buy a new or a used one?This is not a very complicated decision to be made. If you are opening up a restaurant and are very certain that a piece of equipment will be used extensively then it is best to buy a new one. The reason is very simple. When you buy new equipment you are sure about the performance and do not have to worry about any repairs or wear and tear. However, buying a used appliances or equipments may be risky choice, because they could malfunction anytime, and your business operations could get hampered. You can still buy used equipment if you are sure about the quality of maintenance of that particular equipment.