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How To Choose The Best Laptop Battery?

Many people face the issues with their laptop batteries in which the batteries run out instantly or they need to attach the chargers to the battery all the time. Even if your laptop is working fine but the only problem you face is the battery drainage then lucky for you there are many laptop batteries for sale in the market and you could buy the original batteries from the market and could put it in your laptop. There are different things which you need to know about the laptop batteries in Melbourne. Apart from getting the good quality battery, there are certain tips which could help you keep it healthy and to extend its life. You need to decide the battery which is according to your need rather than the fancy batteries you see in the market.

Think according to your needs:

The bigger the screen of the laptop is, the more battery it will consume. Therefore, whenever you are trying to buy the laptop then always think about the components which will have effects on the battery timings. Have a compact light screen which is think so that the battery is saved as much as it could be, although there are some screens which could extend the battery life to around 15 minutes.

The power is important:

The applications and software running on the laptop also drains the battery just as it drains the battery in the mobile phones. In order to make sure that the battery performance is increased you need to monitor the performance of the applications running in the background. Manage the applications which will not start at the start up, this will prevent the background applications from running and you will not have to kill these manually every time you turn on the laptop.

Set the screen display setting:

The screen of the laptop must turn off after a certain time of the inactivity. This is how the power is saved and the battery time is extended. However, you can also control the sleep timing of the laptop in which the laptop sleeps and hibernates and maximum applications are stopped for this period of the time.

Control all the lights:

The LCD light and the backlight in the keyboard. If you are working in the situation where you do not need the backlight of the keyboard. You could either control these lights and smartly turn it off and on whenever you want. Using these smartly you could actually end up exceeding the battery life and could also increase the health. Avoid over charging the battery since it could damage the battery. Visit Battery Experts to find out more details.