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Washing of Car

A procedure used to clean exterior as well interior of motor vehicles is known auto wash. For, long lasting results and great looks of your car only eco- friendly products are used in this process.

Its Components and techniques

Car wash includes interior and exterior cleaning. Outside enumerating includes cleaning and bringing back the original condition, the sparkle and shininess of car. It incorporates all exterior parts like wheels, chrome trim, tires, windows and all the exterior parts which are obvious by your eyes. Different types of techniques are used by different detailers to this process. Many types of products are available in the market. Its only depend on the detailers which type of product and technique they want to use. Products used in mobile car wash are detergents, waxes, and corrosive free degreasers, point of interest mud, polishes, exceptional rich drying towel, brushes and variety of applicators. Clear bar helps in expelling all the dust from the surface of car. Using of rotary tool with microfibers, foam or polishing pads helps in removing all the scratches, oxidation and swirl marks which are produced due toimproper washes.  

Coating of wax will shield the paint from UV beams, corrosive rains, water spots, extreme temperature etc. Headlights and taillights are properly cleaned with polishing components, but sealing it properly with plastic sealant is the most important step of this process. Chrome trim also should be cleaned and protectant should be dressed up with vinyl so that it can protect them from fading and cracking. Chassis and wheels should be clean with the exterior part. This also includes the inside parts of the car wheels wells and around the antiroll bars well as control arms. Wheels should be washed completely before dressing them. This mobile car wash service is very useful because the companies send their qualified staff to deliver this service at your door step i.e. at home, office or any other place as per your convenience.

Interior cleaning or managing incorporates every inside part and trunk of the vehicle. All the parts like dash board, windows, seats, door frames and rug are cleaned. Liquid cleaners and brushers, steam cleaning, brushes and dressing are used to ensure the panels, components and remove the stains. Whereas, vacuuming is the standard process. The engine bay should clean with suitable degreaser after missed with water before it rinsed. Al the plastic, rubber and silicon components should be dressed properly after it dried. It is to protect from cracking of components.


Cleaning of all the parts including interior as well as exterior surface with all modern techniques is known as mobile car wash. In mobile car wash special products, services and cleaners are utilized to clean the surface of your car. These products are specially designed to remove dirt from your car.