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What Are The Different Types Of Corporate Events And Entertainments Organized For Employees?


Organizing corporate events and arranging entertainment program for employees are an integral part of corporate hospitality. There are different types of corporate events that are being organized for its employees, clients and vendors.

Some of the events are extravagant and meant for large audiences such as conferences or trade shows. And some are specially arranged private entertainment holiday parties, sports events and so on. And a good treasure hunt agency can help you to arrange for cool activities for corporate team building.

There are many different kinds of activities that you can plan for in your office, and some are:

Conferences and Seminars: These are important corporate events for its business purposes. These are usually large events where industry participants, vendors, clients and other delegates can come and share their views. These are designed specially to deliver information, to work as catalysts between corporate and the clients to make business happen.

Press Conferences: These are important business events in order to promote a new product or launch a particular marketing campaign, inform stakeholders about the quarterly performance matrices. Press conferences are also held by corporate to notify if there is any change in designation or inclusion of a new member in the board of directors.

Trade shows and trade fairs: The concept is similar to press conferences, but done in a broad way. Trade shows are exhibitions where companies can actually showcase and demonstrate their latest products, services, keep very interactive discussion sessions on latest market trends and so on.

Opening ceremonies: If a new office is opened or a new store or a new portal and so on, the corporate arrange for small media coverage for its clients and stakeholders.

Award functions: Some of the award functions are in-house where the employees are honoured and recognised. Some other types of award gala events are meant for industry participants and in these events, other companies and industry participants are awarded in order to recognise their exceptional work in various fields and categories.

Other than these broad and large events that are organized, some other and very popular private corporate events are also held in order to motivate and incentivize employees. They are:

Corporate Team Building: These are some great and very popular exercises that are used to indirectly train employees on how to work together as a team. It helps an employee to learn valuable techniques to work together and attain a common goal. Well-constructed activities are meant to inspire enthusiasm and hence in most of the occasions a third party event management firm is usually hired for arranging different types of exercises for the employees.